I'm Davis,
UX Architect.

I have designed digital products for a software house and provided design solutions for a wide range of clients within a global digital agency.

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Strategic Development • Experience & Product Design • Peformance Improvement • Information Architecture • Analytics • Project Management

About Davis

Davis C.K.Yeung, MDes, is an experienced UX Designer and has designed digital products for a software house and provided design solutions for a wide range of clients within a global digital agency. His unique Computer Science x Design Strategies background offers him to deliver the design solutions are balancing user-centric, business needs and technical feasibility.

With the design experience from large-scale web platform design to mobile (Webby Award 2015) and desktop apps design, Davis has practice and hands-on experience across the whole user experience design and development lifecycle.

Work with passion

A wide range of global clients are well received the recommended design solutions.
Cathay Pacific
Websites Content Merge Guideline
Guideline & Component Design | User Journey Design
(Coming Soon...)
AXA iPro Toolkits for Insurance Agents
User Research & Testing | User Journey Design | Experience Design
(Coming Soon...)
Shangri-La Hotel
Tactical Digital Campaigns
Digital Engagement Improvement | User Journey Design | Experience Design
(Coming Soon...)
Pan Pacific Hotel
A/B Testing Playbook Design
User Experience Recommendation | Digital Engagement Improvement | Data Analytics
(Coming Soon...)
Electrolux APAC Websites Redesign
Information Architecture | Backend Logic Design | Experience Design
(Coming Soon...)
Unify 6 different platforms' experience
User Journey Optimization | Component Design | Experience Design
(Coming Soon...)
Huawei P10 Smartphone and EMUI 8.0 Pages
Component Design | Content Strategy | Experience Design
(Coming Soon...)
Navicat image Navicat
Database Management Tool
Design Management | Product Strategy | Experience Design
(Coming Soon...)
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Webby Award in 2015
Design Management | Product Strategy | Experience Design
(Coming Soon...)

The design process

My design process is using the Double Diamond revamped (the ref.) by Dan Nessler, UX Director at Hinderling Volkart. He revamped the Double Diamond version from British Design Council which is shared similar approaches, steps and tools with IDEO’s human centred design ideology or @d.school’s Design Thinking process. In his version, it is tailored for experience design and digital development.
#01. Discover / Research
insight into the problem (Diverging)
#02. Define / Synthesis
 The area to focus upon (Converging)
#03. Develop / Ideation
Potential solutions (Diverging)
#04. Deliver / Implementation
Solutions that work (Converging)

When design meets development

Learn more about how I integrate Design Thinking methods practice in Agile software development, which to remain competitive advantage in modern software development.
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Webby Awards
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The 19th Webby Awards Official Honoree — MOBILE SITES & APPS "Best Use of Mobile Camera".
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Best Database Administration Solution
Navicat Premium is the winner of the "Best Database Administration Solution" in the 2016 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards.
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Best Data Modeling Solution
Navicat Data Modeler is the finalist of the "Best Data Modeling Solution" in the 2016 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards.

What people say about Davis

Dr. Jörn Bühring
Davis has demonstrated his abilities to apply his design skills and experience in collaboration with his fellow students. He was able to put these experiences to good use and conducting the required background research needed to further inform his concept ideas. Of particular note is Davis’s attention to detail, which is further emphasised through his curiosity to explore the design problem form a consumer-centered perspective.

I am delighted to see that Davis is embracing his study learnings in user experience design leadership and I have no hesitation to recommend Davis as an ambitious and talented Designer.
Dr. Jörn Bühring
Research Assistant Professor, Ignite Innovation Program Leader at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Donald Lim
Davis is extremely dependable and his output is often top notch. Beyond delivering good work, Davis also showed keen interest in keeping up with the latest development in the industry as well and attended many design events to continuously develop himself. A humble selfless experience designer like Davis is hard to come by.

I would highly recommend him if you are looking for someone that is not only reliable but could also bring about a culture of learning into your team.
Donald Lim
Regional Head, Platforms & Experience at VML
Shun Lee
Davis has demonstrated that he is a solid and reliable user experience designer you can depend on. From conducting user interviews to gather insights, to preparing and running usability research to validate design solutions, Davis is able to deliver insights that were well-received by the team and the client.

To any team looking for a dependable and passionate UX design practitioner, Davis will undoubtedly be a great asset to your team.
Shun Lee
User Experience Lead at IBM iX
Zhang Han
Davis can connect dots between users and technology, being both empathetic and analytical. In the projects we worked together, Davis is always a good listener to constructive feedback. Meanwhile, he is also capable of communicating his design rationale and defend his design decisions with thorough consideration.

I have known Davis to be someone who has a strong passion for UX with an aptitude for learning. He is not only willing to learn, but he always shares his knowledge with the team. I highly recommend Davis to any organisations that are looking to have a passionate and reliable user experience designer!
Han Zhang
Senior User Experience Architect at DigitasLBi
Kin Ngai
Davis has an excellent personality when facing project of complexities head-on. He showed great innovative ethics as a problem solver with the frame of mind towards details in all creative aspects for aesthetic designs and development. He also has the best interest at heart showing deep logical considerations to explore and uncover the unknowns that would serve his users.

Davis is very analytically focused and always welcoming to communicate, offering his practical experiences during our thought exchanges. I believe that his skills and personality would be a great addition to his clients.
Kin Ngai
Digital Creative Director at Bamboo Technologies

Background and Experience

User Experience Architect at Digitas APAC • 2016 – Present
  • Leverage exceptional communication skills to identify client needs, researching, developing, and iterating designs improvements through rapid prototyping and user testing to deliver prompt, high-quality solutions.
  • Strategically create and implement comprehensive Content Merge Guidelines and Design Components for client use to support large-scale website content merge.
  • Administer and evaluate Usability Testing for client applications to detect selling point drawbacks, offering personalized enhancement suggestions and Issue Priority Lists for design improvement, increasing adoption rate by 77%.
  • Conduct Usability Website Audits with Data Analytics team to deliver A/B Testing Playbook for client, effectively identifying opportunities for website design improvement via data support.
  • Coordinate and facilitate internal team workshops to gather project insight, generate operational solutions, and ensure coherent mission and goals.
  • Collaborate with clients to determine desired outcomes, propose personalized solutions for digital campaigns, and offer prototyping support to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
  • Illustrate and communicate client digital product’s user pain point via User Journey that is well received by client.
  • Designed and deployed back-end design logic of Product Recommendation section for clients, frequently following up to answer questions and make adjustments as needed.
  • Work closely with a multi-disciplinary team to create intuitive websites and streamlined interfaces for mobile applications.
  • Delivered top-notch design solutions for multiple key clients, including AXA, Cathay Pacific, Shangri-La Hotel, Hotel Jen, Uniqlo, Pan Pacific Hotel, Delta Air Lines, Telkomsel, Electrolux and Huawei.
Senior Designer (Product Design | UX) at PremiumSoft • 2012 – 2016
PremiumSoft founded in 1999, software development company in Hong Kong with 42 employee. The major clients include Apple Inc., Google Inc., IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, JP Morgan, KPMG, DHL and more.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment by collaborating with specialized groups to create solutions for major clients.
  • Utilized strong leadership skills to manage a cross-functional team of 3 UX and UI designers to generate a comprehensive design strategy for PremiumSoft technology from initial concept phase to integrated marketing support. Annual sales increased 20% by comparing previous version.
  • Facilitated informational trainings and design workshops with software development director and designers to propose strategies and tactics, identify optimal design solutions for product innovation, and establish potential business opportunities.
  • Collaborated with developers and development leads to ensure solutions were feasible and aligned with product missions.
  • Managed and coordinated with different teams to ensure product development on schedule.
  • Initiated market research to provide the latest UX and UI design trends, systems and references for internal use, increasing department efficiency and productivity by 200%.
  • Designed and maintained Brand Design Style Guide across varying platforms for cohesive product development and marketing initiatives company-wide.
  • Lead a company side project team with a combination of designers and developers for a social mobile application, which increased monthly download rate 10 times and had over 100k daily active users.
  • Created the overall vision and creative direction for all marketing and sales collateral, including web and exhibition design, customer presentations and 3D visualization.
  • Managed and mentored junior designers in the design team and assist their career development within PremiumSoft.
Master of Design (Design Strategies) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University • 2013 – 2015
The Design Strategies specialism is directed at people who are established in their careers and wish to deepen and enhance their strategic thinking and methods by integrating design, business, and technology. The specialism is intended for both design and non-design professionals with solid working experience in or related to the areas of design, such as communication, brand management, production, marketing, engineering or teaching. Those who are considering becoming entrepreneurs, taking on more responsibility for design-led business development, or translating new technology into designed experiences and practical applications will benefit from this specialism. Design Strategies was rated as one of the World’s Best Design Thinking Programs by BusinessWeek.
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